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IMPORTANT READING for Understanding the 2021 Lin-Wood School District Meeting Process

What you should know about our School District Meeting process this year: 

You can also check under the Meetings tab for the most up to date information regarding the school district meeting process!  

There are THREE steps to the process I ask you to participate in.

1 & 2 – March 16 & 18, Virtual meetings to present, discuss and accept public input of each warrant article.  The School Board will present each warrant article, explain them and take comments.  It is during these virtual meetings that amendment suggestions will be heard. They will listen to the public comments and make any changes based on the public input.  Also people can email or call in to the SAU office in between session 1 and session 2, a window of less than 48 hours.

It is the School Board’s  sole vote to make any final changes / amendments to the articles.  We can not vote via a virtual meeting.  Once they conclude the virtual meetings all Warrant articles will be converted to a paper ballot.  Essentially becoming secret ballots for March 26.

3.  March 26, voters will go to the MHS MPR, receive 2 ballots (official and alternative warrant ballot) and make their votes on each one.  That’s it!  Just like our drive through voting last year.


Please consider the following:

The paper Ballots are presented  in TWO parts:

1.  The official ballot (Articles 1, 2, and 3) includes candidates for school board, budget committee, and moderator.

I support two candidates running for the School Board and suggest you vote for: JAY DUGUAY and ASHLEY YOUNGHEIM!  Jay is a local educationally supportive dad who is also an informed and experienced board member.  Ashley is a teacher for another school district living in our community who wants to lead by example.  I would be happy to discuss why I recommend them with anyone interested.

The Budget Committee has FIVE open positions. There are only two names listed on the ballot.  However, Warrant Article #20 included on the Second Ballot, is a petition to rescind the budget committee.  If Warrant Article #20 passes (recommended) by majority vote, the Budget Committee portion of  the First Ballot is unnecessary.  In the event of Warrant Article #20 NOT passing, I ask you write-in KELSEE BEAUDIN and HANNE KINNE for the ONE YEAR POSITION on the Budget Committee.

2.  The second ballot (Articles 4-20) is the alternative ballot for all the rest of the warrant articles.

Please vote in the affirmative for all warrant articles as, hopefully amended.

The amendment process- Normally, at a live annual meeting we are able to amend articles from the floor.  A motion is made to amend an article, after discussion it goes to immediate vote to amend the article.  The Article is then presented as amended.  Again, after discussion there is a vote.

Here is where and why we need to be proactive, supportive of our local education and be present to make comments and suggestions to the School Board during the two virtual meetings.  It is the only chance to request any adjustments or amendments to the articles.  Each ballot, including all articles, will be finalized by the School Board at the conclusion of the second virtual meeting on March 18.

  1. I fully endorse passing Article 20 and, as many NH School Districts have already done, and do away with the Budget Committee.
  1. I also support Article 7 be amended to increase the Budget Committe’s recommended budget by $116,458, reflecting the School Board’s recommendation noted within the article. 

I know, especially as a parent, when many schools across the nation continue to be remote and hybrid, I am particularly grateful to Lin-Wood School and our School Board and my children’s teachers– when none of this last year of pandemic teaching has been easy.  Not one.  Single.  Day.  Thank you for participating POSITIVELY in our children’s education as concerned community members!  Thank you for helping to keep our children and staff SAFELY in school this year!    Go Lumberjacks!  


Heather Krill with any questions.

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