School and Library Visits

Order form for School and Library visits if students should like to purchase autographed copies for when I am on campus:

True North classroom order form

Writing Workshops and True North Presentations

  1. Flaws Build Our Character: Adapted for middle or high school English classrooms (45-90 minutes depending on schedule) and includes a reading from True North and introduces reflective and narrative writing experiences for students and teachers participating.
  2. Finding One’s True North: Adapted for middle, high school, college English classrooms/ professional setting (45-90 minutes depending on schedule) and includes multiple readings from True North, time to write, and opportunity for otherwise artistic expression.
  3. Anatomy of a Writer Wife Teacher Mom:¬† Adapted for audiences of all ages and backgrounds (30 minutes- 2 hours depending on schedule) and includes how I arrived here as a teacher writer and where I’m headed next.