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Wanted: One Fabulous Principal

Applications are being accepted through Wednesday, April 3.

Dear Experienced Administrators,

We are in need of an excellent administrator, but before your read the OFFICIAL information regarding the application, please check out these student testimonials about how much they love their school.  They care as much about who comes next as parents and staff members do:

Jillian wrote, “So here are several reasons to move to Lincoln and to become my next principal. We have a really cute little school, and since we don’t have a lot of students, you can get to know everybody really well. The kids will get to know you really well too. Lin-Wood is the kind of school where kids smile and make eye contact when they say good morning; where teachers will support kids inside of school and out for reasons academic or not; where we have a strong community that gives their money and time over and over again to help anything to do with the school. Please applicants, come join this wonderful Lin-Wood family and become our next principal! I can’t wait to meet you!”

Andrew wrote, “The Lincoln Woodstock community is very close knit. You know just about everything there is to know about everyone at Lin-Wood. We are a community- if someone is having a rough day, we work to make them feel better. Lin-Wood is also able to provide diverse opportunities to the students, thanks to our budget that is fueled local families as well as second home owners. If you are caring and like students, you will be a good new principal.”

Mihalis S. wrote, “I know there are many many other schools  you could choose to apply to. But, here are a couple reason why you should come to Lin-Wood. Our school is a safe environment where our students are not afraid of anything. Another reason you should be our principal is because we have a very kind community with caring teachers, parents, and staff members. And finally the last reason you should come to this school is because we really need a great principal.”

“The Lincoln-Woodstock Cooperative School District, SAU # 68, is seeking an educational leader with a strong background in curriculum, instruction, and assessment to serve as Principal for grades K-12.  Located at the entrance to Franconia Notch State Park in the White Mountains, and at the northern tip of the Lakes Region, School Administrative Unit # 68 serves the adjoining communities of Lincoln and Woodstock.  The Lincoln-Woodstock Cooperative School District, recognized as one of the Best Schools in New Hampshire announces the following opening for the 2019-2020 school year.

This educational candidate will provide leadership for all building programs and activities for both students and faculty (K-12), serve as a visible and articulate presence within the community to support education, and maintain a systematic approach to enhance student learning.  It is essential for the candidate to possess a strong understanding of competency based education.

New Hampshire Principal Certification required.  The Lincoln-Woodstock Cooperative School District offers a year long contract along with a competitive salary and benefits package.  Application Deadline:  April 3, 2019.”

But what this really means is you ought to consider applying here because we have an awesome school, filled with an awesome faculty and staff, and even more truly awesome students in kindergarten through 12th grade.  Public K-12 schools are becoming more of an anomaly with each year; yet here we are sparkling in NH’s White Mountains, a welcoming village of hard working people, diverse families, community members who want what’s best for our children.   Maybe you are what’s best for our children? Maybe this move here to Lin-Wood is what’s also best for you– or you and your family?

Listen, you don’t have a lot of time, so get your materials together and send them in.  Please consider clicking on this link to apply for Lin-Wood’s K-12 principal position.Please submit letter of interest, current resume, transcripts, three professional letters of reference, and certification to:

Jeanette Fecteau

Lin-Wood Public School

PO Box 846

Lincoln, NH 03251

(603) 745-2051

Thank you for reading!  Please share and encourage any EXPERIENCED administrator to check out our school.  We deserve the best, and perhaps that’s what you are looking for.


Heather Ehrman Krill, Lin-Wood English Teacher for 16 years of my 22 year career.




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