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Next Steps for Lincoln Woodstock: Let’s Build the Riverfront Park!


May 8 is an important date in the process of the Riverfront Park development, including many bits of awesomeness for young and old, local and tourist: an outdoor amphitheater, playground, dog park, canoe launch, and skate park.   Please consider joining us on May 8 at 5:30 at the Lincoln Town Hall as our voice is critical in making this a reality.  According to organizers, a developed layout of the entire recreation area will be presented to the Board of Selectmen by SE Group and JV Partners. Over the past two months, both groups have worked with members of the town to develop a park that meets the needs of the community.  You should be come on May 8 to check it out!  Really, you should; it will be a good time because this park development is good for us all.  Did I mention that the meeting takes place May 8 at 5:30 at the Town Hall?

Kevin Bell and Brian Angelone have been working closely with Tara Tower and the Lincoln Woodstock Recreation Department for the past two years trying to establish fundraising partnerships, receiving grants from the Tony Hawk Foundation among others.  Kevin Bell explained his reasons for his participation in this initiative, “My advocating for a skate park is giving a voice to those kids who haven’t found their voice yet. It’s for the infants, toddlers, and all the way up seniors in high school in our community. I hope our efforts are a demonstration that passion can create positive change.  This is not about skateboarding – I don’t even skateboard. It’s about a community and building an environment that fosters creative expression through an active lifestyle.”

Director of Lincoln Woodstock’s Recreation Department Tara Tower adds, “The items that I think are important for people to know about the May 8th meeting are that this a presentation by the engineer and the land use planner to the Lincoln Board of Selectmen on the overall design concept for the Riverfront Park Project.  As part of the park has been dedicated to the Lin-Wood Skate park, and the skate park committee has said that they are aiming for a July 2018 opening.  This has been the driving force for the overall park design to be completed this spring.  The Lincoln Board of Selectmen have encouraged supporters for this project to attend this meeting, and as the park will be maintained by the Lincoln-Woodstock Recreation Dept., residents from both Lincoln and Woodstock are invited.”

So whether you are landowner, homeowner, renter, resident of these extraordinary communities– or the son or daughter of one, please consider coming on May 8.  If you are still wondering why you should care about this park:

Ten Reasons the Riverfront Park is Good for Lincoln Woodstock:

  1. Outdoor recreation areas only enhance property values.
  2. Parks for people and pets build community.
  3. Youth who are more connected to their community are less likely to use/misuse drugs, bully others, or let others treat them badly.
  4. Youth who are more connected to the land where they live are more likely to develop empathy, concern for the environment, and appreciation for better lifestyle choices.
  5. Parks draw people outside together and build community.   Yes, I’m repeating myself.
  6. Youth who develop coping skills through the trial and error of experiencing risk and/ or challenging themselves recreationally build better self confidence.
  7. Skate parks build better self confidence along with coping skills to manage stress.
  8. Youth who have better self confidence are more likely to manage stress better and  less likely to have unprotected sex or remain in an unhealthy relationship.
  9. Accessible canoe/kayak launch is another way of removing barriers for people of all abilities.  These are lifelong sports which connect people to our rivers promoting heart health and land appreciation.
  10. Loon Mountain and the Kanc Recreation area are two playgrounds where people flock during the winter months.  The Riverfront Park will be an outdoor play space for young and old alike during our other three seasons of fun.

And if you don’t live here in town but visit us on the weekends or over vacation weeks or have friends and family who like to recreate in our mountains, lakes, and streams, please consider asking them to share their support for this initiative.   Share, play, share, and play some more.  We learn this as children, so let’s spread the word!  The Riverfront Park is happening, so be part of something truly worthwhile for our children which will only enhance their connection to our beautiful White Mountains.

All donations made to the Lin-Wood Skate Park are tax-deductible. The Lin-Wood Skate Park Committee is an extension of the Lincoln-Woodstock Friends of Recreation non-profit organization (Tax ID#02-0387585).

Ways To Donate
  1. Donate Online
  2. Buy Merchandise
  3. GoFundMe
  4. Mail a check to Lincoln-Woodstock Friends of Recreation, PO Box 1172, Lincoln, NH 03251

Thank you to everyone involved in this project from the Lincoln Woodstock Skate Park Committee to the Town of Lincoln Recreation Department and Board of Selectmen– and to everyone especially who has helped to fundraise and bring this park to our Riverfront.    Did I mention the meeting is on May 8?  May 8 is one week from tomorrow in case you weren’t sure.  Happy Spring!  What better way to contribute  to our children’s understanding of the climate, preservation, and appreciation of our land.

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