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It’s the Little Things Some Mornings…

FullSizeRender-14Getting the call at 5:35 AM for a delayed opening is nothing short of a miracle in the White Mountains of NH.  Then to head outside and find my walkway and driveway already shoveled and both our cars already scraped off by a thoughtful neighbor- this is truly a gift.  Thank you, Seth Chandler!  He has no idea how happy something like that makes me as I am the primary shoveler, car starter and scraper in our family.

Getting to dress up for ’80s day for our school’s winter carnival is probably my favorite day of the year.  Our kids were very confused as I put together the ensemble below.  Even Geoff enjoys a good ’80s day; perhaps it takes him back to the 17 year old version of himself, class of ’89 after all.   I don’t get to put as much thought into the outfits as I have in the past, but it’s still a day I would not miss for the world.  The 80s/90s were the decades of my youth, and although I never dressed this way to go to school, I always wanted to…


But then the best part of the day came when Geoff and Greta were heading off to Loon Mountain together, thus the above picture.  Today is not Take Your Daughter to Work Day, but the fact that he can now take our kids anywhere because of their ability to buckle and unbuckle their carseats independently has been a long time coming for our family.  It’s the little things like that which will make this a great day.  He is definitely not fast at getting in and out of his car given the taking apart and putting back together of his wheelchair in order to place it on the seat next to him.  But he is the most patient person I know, and I love that our kids will learn that from him–probably not from me unfortunately.

I won’t get to enjoy the snow at the mountain on skis, but I will have a solid day teaching English while dressed as an ’80s aerobics instructor.  Greta gets to go to work with her dad and “help” out in ski school for a little while before going out with her group.  Geoff gets to problem solve things like the parking lot at work not being plowed– and he gets to empower his daughter by having her problem solve along with him.  Carver is also heading to the mountain as we speak with our friend Michelle, who teaches in the seasonal program at Loon.  Thank you, Michelle!  Even Carver realizes what a big deal this is to go skiing on a school day.  We haven’t had many good snow days this season, so I am breaking the rules “just this one time.”

To be aware of little things like shoveling for others…delaying school for kids and teachers who NEVER have delayed openings…wearing fluorescent colors in 2016…remaining calm all morning because we weren’t rushing out of the house by 6:45…the little things are everything, and I’m grateful this morning for them all.

Did anyone see Stevie Wonder on the Grammy’s last night?  He was awesome– another iconic ’80’s “I just called to say I love you” kind of moment.  He reminded everyone in that far reaching audience about accessibility for everyone.  The winner for Best Song of the Year was written in braille, and he joked that no one could read it but him.  Classic.  Timeless. Universal.  It’s like when Geoff jokes he never needs to wait to be seated at a restaurant because he carries his own seat with him.  Stevie made me tear up last night, just as I did this morning when Greta taunted, “I get to go to work with Daddy, Carver!” It wasn’t her taunting that brought me to tears, it was that I actually did not have to do anything with transporting our kids anywhere this morning.  And now, I sit finishing up my blog and drinking a cup of tea-alone- while it is still hot.  I love my family; I do, I really do, but right now I’m pretty happy too.  Did I mention I was alone and my tea was still hot?


And this was my FB memory from two years ago today; Greta was 2, and she was so jazzed up to be making turns with her dad.  Carver was already a seasoned professional at ripping it up around Loon, Bretton Woods, and Cannon;  even then, these two crazies intuitively understood that sports brought our family together.  Sports are a great equalizer, and always have been, first for people of color; then for women; and now for people with all kinds of different abilities.

Have a great day everyone- whether you are at home on a snow day, at work, dressed as an aerobics instructor, etc.

Side note: I published some links for free books on my FB author page.  Be sure to share so you can get your copy if you haven’t read True North yet!

3 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things Some Mornings…

  1. It warms my heart to hear you were having such a peaceful morning and savoring the little things. Hope 80’s day was awesome! xoxo


  2. What is routine for some is glorious for others. You beautifully weave life’s lessons in everyday escapades. Thank you for your words!!


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