True North

Book Seller of North Woodstock

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Someone else now has a special pen for signing important documents or taking people’s dinner orders…

The books are selling, not quite like hotcakes, but people are reading, commenting, sharing my website/ blog, and spreading the word.  Thank you to folks who have posted reviews at and Amazon for this is very helpful to my marketing to the world beyond our White Mountains.  I’ve sold books out of the back of my Subaru in front of the North Woodstock Post Office; I’ve sold books to the ladies at Union Bank in the actual lobby of the Union Bank; I’ve sold books at Daydreams Salon in honor of Candy Long, owner and stylist who made my hair look quite fabulous in Ken Watson’s professional photo for the book jacket; I’ve packed some up to sell tomorrow morning at my local Rotary meeting where it all began.  That’s not our sole reason for attending the Rotary meeting, but these people are some of the most supportive fans a person can have.  We are actually there to support the four finalists for our Rotary Speech Contest, an annual public speaking event 10 years in the making.  But, I know there will be people there who will ask if I brought any books with me, and as I traveling book saleswoman, I certainly don’t want to let them down.  

This is the part I didn’t think through.  What would happen after the fact- after the book was born in a form others would read. It was always just about writing the book because I knew the story needed to be told.  I’ve had former students text me from other countries and places here in the states with comments like, “Hey, Krill, just read your book- some of it sounded familiar- like did that really happen in someone’s life?” Or, better yet, “Krill, how did you know this was how I was feeling?” Some folks believe that individual moments in True North come from the reality of someone else’s life.  The best fiction comes from what we know to be true.  But this really is a work of fiction, albeit with some embellished or revised moments from the universal experience of adolescence. I wanted one of my main characters to have a  disability or medical issue requiring medical intervention to have a baby.  So, the dad in the story has a spinal cord injury, but the dad is not Geoff, as in my husband Geoff, who also has a spinal cord injury and is paralyzed from the waist down.  The dad in the story is named Andrew, and he is a fictional person who may have some similar characteristics to people you may know.  I knew early on that I wanted him to have a character flaw that dealt  with him being homophobic.  His character was the most difficult for me to develop, which is strange because he is the one I also knew the story had to begin with.  

So, True North is gathering momentum in our local area, which I do hope extends to a larger audience.  Our next book signing will be Dec. 9 from 5-7 in front of Our Native NH gift shop and Cascades Coffeehouse on Main Street for Woodstock’s Winter Walk.  Santa will be taking pictures at Fadden’s General Store, so you can also remind him that books make amazing gifts for young and old alike!   We will venture all the way to Gordi’s Fish and Steakhouse in Lincoln on Dec. 19 from 4-6 for the apres ski crowd.  The Lincoln Library has also graciously offered to host a book discussion on January 7 at 6:30 PM.  I’m sure some of the ethical issues raised at different points will make for some good commentary.  Until then, I’ll continue to sell copies out of the back of my car.  Let’s hope I don’t turn into that eccentric neighborhood lady when kids start whispering to one another, “She used to be a pretty decent teacher until she wrote that novel, and now she just drives around town hoping people will buy it…”

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